Markus LiestmannMarkus Liestmann
Head of Financial Planning & Analysis
and Vehicle Pool Manager

'I have worked for the Group for around 20 years. It is still a medium-sized enterprise, so everyone knows everyone else. The different business divisions and the company's dynamic growth have made my work extremely diverse and very interesting. The flat hierarchies and the associated short decision-making paths are a major bonus and encourage movement. Also, individual talents are promoted to a very great degree. The company really does offer true career opportunities in many different areas.'

Soeren SchnurrSören Schnurr
Trainee at Ketschauer Hof

'I never thought that my vocational training would be as exciting and interesting. It's not just dealing with the steady flow of always new guests that I enjoy. I love the brilliant atmosphere at work, the exclusive working environment, watching the experienced colleagues and learning from them, all that tells me every day: this is the right place for me.'

Marion Schäfer
Non-office based media consultant

'Achieving a good work/life balance? Not a problem working in the Niederberger sales department. As a single parent, I have finally found a job that allows me to adapt my working hours to the needs of my family.'

Tina GassertTina Gassert
Assistant to the Regional Sales Manager

'When I returned from maternity leave, it was easy to become part of the team again. I really appreciate the relaxed working atmosphere and the way people treat each other here. And if I have a problem at home with my little one, the Group is always very understanding and flexible, and leaves a new mum enough freedom to look after her child properly. An ideal solution when it comes to achieving a good life-work balance, and working as well as being a mum.'

Louisa HerrmannLouisa Herrmann
Trainee office management assistant

'I am pleased that my sound vocational training here will allow me to become a good office management assistant. I enjoy working in the bookkeeping department; it's interesting and varied, you never get bored here. Of course I find some of the work challenging, but the colleagues are really willing to help and the working atmosphere could not be better. And there is also a whole range of further qualification opportunities on offer once I have finished my vocational training; all in all super prospects for my further career.'

Frank Neumann
Team Leader

'What chances does the generation 50+ have on the labour market? The Niederberger Group gave me a new chance and I grabbed it. Today, I am Team Leader and can honestly say: I am definitely not on the scrapheap, yet!'

Gertrud Kraus
Telephone marketing staff

'Back to work after 15 years at home? Not that easy and I was very uncertain whether I would actually manage to find a job after such a long time. But that wasn't a problem for the Niederberger Group. I was given intensive training and am now in a position to contribute to the team to help social institutions long-term. A great feeling.'

Michael Hoffmann
Non-office based consultant

'I did not discover my hidden potential until I joined Niederberger. As a precision engineer, the scope in my previous job was pretty limited. Now I can develop my potential properly; I am committed to my job and can also afford life's little luxuries from time to time.'