Zufriedene Kunden

'Our work is very time consuming and above all calls for flexibility and mobility. We could not have afforded a new vehicle; we are therefore more than grateful to the Niederbeger Group.'

Britta Schäfer
Member of the management board, animal welfare organisation

'The help we urgently needed for our school, which we received thanks to the sponsorship, benefits our work one hundred percent. In view of the current difficulties with regard to the public purse, this is a ray of hope that motivates us every day.'

Christine Meyer
Head of a vocational college

'The new mobile workshop is a vitally important piece of equipment for our work. We were impressed by the friendly, knowledgeable and reliable cooperation, which overcame all obstacles with great sensitivity.'

Horst Schulz
Head of sheltered workshop

'Recreational sports need to be publicised more and rely on a smoothly functioning and well-organised network of new sponsors. We achieved both thanks to the sponsorship and are relieved that we can now look forward to a successful future.'

Hans Fischer
Chairman of a sports club

'The competent handling of the project impressively demonstrated how to strengthen and support the regional economy in a targeted way. Goal achieved, and we would like to extend our thanks for this to the team from the Niederberger Group.'

Georg Koch
Parish council